Cold Connections with Joy Raskin 3/31/19

Cold Connections with Joy Raskin 3/31/19


One Day Workshop

Sunday, March 31st 10:00AM to 4:00PM

Materials Fee: TBD

This workshop will cover cold connections, which are means of attaching things together without using a soldering torch. We will explore rivets, which there are a variety of rivets to use, wrapping, using tabs, tying and epoxying. This is good for the student who doesn't want to use a jewelry torch, but needs to be able to attach items such as stones, photos, polymer, paper and more to jewelry or metal objects. We will also do some drilling, piercing ( sawing), cutting sheet metal and more. This is low tech and does not require a lot of tools. Cold connections lend themselves very well to mixed media and recycled art.

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