Electroforming with Lucy Golden & Tom Woods 10/30-12/11/19

Electroforming with Lucy Golden & Tom Woods 10/30-12/11/19


6 Week Session

Wednesdays, October 30th to December 11th 6-9PM

Material Fee: Materials will cost $15 to Lucy and $35 to Tom. Please note electroforming kits online cost $300+, this is a very cost effective set up. Students should also bring a sturdy plastic or glass container that can hold 1 quart+ of liquid with a wide mouth such as large cashew jars, wide mouth canning quart jars, freezer containers for example.

This class will be team-taught by Tom and Lucy. Electroforming is the process of treating small objects, both nature-sourced and manmade, and then coating them with a thick layer of copper using electricity. The copper makes them permanent, and allows findings to be included to make them wearable if desired. The copper coating also provides a good surface for applying a finish or color coat. The process requires a rectifier, some additional equipment, and an acid bath. Purchasing these items as such can add up, but Tom has come up with a way to compile a set that is affordable. The beginning classes will focus on each student creating their own equipment set up, while starting to prepare items for electroforming. The rest of the session will focus on ways that the electroformed objects can be finished and used."

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