Etching on Brass with PnP with Jean Matray 11/23/19

Etching on Brass with PnP with Jean Matray 11/23/19


One Day Workshop

Saturday, November 23rd 10:00AM-5:00PM

Materials Fee: $10

Etching is a process of placing a retardant on metal, and removing metal, by chemical soaking, from the places that remain exposed. During this class students will use PnP Blue paper to etch designs on brass. PnP paper was developed as a resist to etch circuit boards. High resolution black and white images are printed on the PnP paper and then transferred to metal and used as the resist.

Each student will have one piece of PnP paper (8.5x11) to populate with as many images as can fit. Before class gather the images you want to etch and print, then cut and tape onto an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper (collage like). During class we will use the school copier to transfer that to PnP paper.

Once complete, these etchings can be used directly for metal projects, or, as plates for the rolling machine to imprint onto other metals such as silver or gold. Please note, during this one day class the etching process will be taught, but we will not create finished pieces of jewelry, or work with the rolling mill. Also note the etching solution is messy, and will stain whatever it touches, so wear appropriate clothing.

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