Foundry Art Class with Cassidy Rehl 8/28-9/25/19

Foundry Art Class with Cassidy Rehl 8/28-9/25/19


6 Week Session

Wednesdays, 8/28 to 9/11 6-9PM at the Littleton Studio School
9/18 6-9PM, 9/22 9AM-5PM (the Pour)* & 9/25 6-9PM at Tarleton Castle Arts in Bath

Material Fees: $100

In this 6 Session Foundry Art Class you will learn the basics of pattern design, mold fabrication, Foundry safety, and how to finish a casting that you have created. Casting Metal is a 6,000 year old process still used manufacturing and fine art. The Founder melts Metal in a crucible, pours the molten metal in to a mold, and then removes the mold material to reveal the casting once the metal has solidified and cooled.

The Student should feel comfortable using power tools, and have a mind for safety when working with others. 5 pounds of Aluminum and 50 pounds of casting sand is built in to the Studio fee.

*Tentative date

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