Rin Gong Bowl with Jean Matray 9/15/19

Rin Gong Bowl with Jean Matray 9/15/19


One Day Workshop

Sunday, September 15th 10:00am-4:00pm

Estimated materials $15

Ring a rin to mark the beginning or end of your day, your meditation practice, or just because it sounds lovely. During this class you will create a small hammered brass rin gong. Our class will begin with a ring of a rin, a 5 minute meditation, followed by the initial “sinking” (a forming technique) of the rin. We will continue to anneal (soften) and hammer (harden) until the proper shape and sound is achieved. Each student will create one brass rin, and, if time allows, a hand hammered metal mallet. Wooden mallets and cushions are available for purchase. No experience necessary, but is helpful. Many hours of hammering are required, not best for those with shoulder or hand issues.

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