Resin Jewelry with Joy Raskin 6/30/19

Resin Jewelry with Joy Raskin 6/30/19


One Day Workshop

Sunday, June 30th 10:00AM to 4:00PM

Materials Fee: $TBD

Explore the colorful, fun world of using resin to add color to your jewelry! Using 2 part quick setting expoy, we will add paint, herbs, tea leaves, colored powder, glitter and much more, mix expoy and color together, and apply onto jewelry. Instead of using stones to set in jewelry, why not use resin? Works great for jewelry with texture, recessed areas, empty stone settings and anything else that you want to try. Instructor will provide expoy and some coloring agents, but students should feel free to bring anything that they want to add to expoy to make resin-filled jewelry. Even twigs have been used for resin jewelry!

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